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Park Rapids Area Guided Ice Fishing and Sleepers

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Leech Lake, Walker, MN sleeper shacks for rent.

Clarence Berndt owner of Berndt Guide Service, a fishing guide service in the Park Rapids, Minnesota area moved to Northern Minnesota in 1995 and began to enjoy the numerous waters there. As a kid Clarence fished trout with his grandfather, and thus grew his love for fishing so much that he wanted to show others how much fun it could be.

Walleye is his specialty, but he simply enjoys catching fish. Whichever fish is a joy and this area offers some very good fishing for both Summer and Winter. Long Lake, Fish Hook, and the Crow Wing Chain are great waters, just to mention a few.

From Rainy River in the Spring and Fall to Leech Lake all year round the region is full of great fishing holes. When the ice comes to the area, the fishing doesn't stop. Fish house sleepers are available for a variety of rates.

If looking for great ice guided ice fishing in the Park Rapids area, check out Clarence Berndt online at

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